Sun Dried & Damaged Hair?

Sun Dried Or Damaged Hair?

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sunny blondeThere are endless options available when it comes to beautifying hair, but they do come at a price. Hair dryers, rollers, curling and flat irons, all withdraw moisture from the hair and crack cuticles. Chemical processes like bleach, dyes and perms compromise protein in hair strands, which is the very thing that makes hair appear healthy and shiny. The sun’s rays also breaks down protein, being particularly forceful on chemically processed hair.

All is not lost. Measures can be taken to restore health to damaged hair. If you notice an accumulation of split ends, getting a trim is essential. Split ends spread upwards damaging the healthy hair that is growing from the scalp. A trim will remove the weakest section of your hair and add volume making your hair appear strong. Other healthy habits to adopt are using the hair dryer on its lowest heat setting and washing your hair with cool or lukewarm water.

Increase the gap between hair washes to a maximum of three washes a week. The natural oil produced by the scalp nourishes hair strands. Although initially your hair will appear greasy, the oil glands will soon adjust to the reduced number of washes. Switching to natural shampoos and conditioners will also restore moisture to hair. Not only are these less harsh than regular products, the natural oils and herbs may contain healing properties. The Ayurvedic oil treatments at Nisha’s have similar properties and our Awapuhi treatment restores protein and moisture, being the ideal treatment for damaged hair. Come experience the beautifying experience of an Oil Treatment and leave looking great with healthy hair.

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