Facials For That Flawless Look

Does your skin needs rejuvenating?

Check out Nisha’s guidelines on getting skin rejuvenation and facials.


Natural Facialflawless prefectionFacials exfoliate layers of dead skin and stimulate the growth process by regenerating new cell growth. It takes about 27 days for facial skin to regenerate so getting a facial once every two to three months is a great way to help your skin adjust to changing weather.

Different skin types need different methods of cleansing. Skin regenerates faster when you are younger. Oily skin with acne and blackheads, or exposure to the outdoors or sunlight more frequently, may need more frequent exfoliate and nurturing. The experts at Nisha’s Salons can help give tips on more frequent deep skin cleansing techniques specific for your type of skin, allowing your daily skin products to reach deeper layers, leaving you with better results.

Chemical peels burn off dead skin exposing a tender and sensitized layer, making after-care critical. If you have dark skin, a chemical peel could leave you with an uneven skin tone. Alternatively, Nisha’s all natural steam facials use natural ingredients loaded with nutrients to deep cleanse and revitalizing the skin.

Let the professionals at Nisha’s gauge how frequently you require a facial, what ingredients best suit your skin type, and how kind the weather will be to your skin post-facial.

Or, if you are simply in the mood to pamper yourself, Nisha’s all natural steam facials will leave you looking and feeling fabulous. Enjoy a head and neck massage, and leave the salon relaxed and beautified!

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