Beautiful Indian Skin - Part I

Nisha's Tips for Beautiful Glowing Indian Skin

Natural Health & Beauty Tips


Indian skin comes in many different color tones, from fair to golden brown, to a gorgeous year around tan, making it the envy of people who have to spend hours in a tanning salon to get that bronzed look. Surprisingly enough, Indian skin tones burn way easier than any other skin tones

Flawless-Desi-SkinThere could be a number of reasons for this, but a careful look at diet and lifestyle habits of Indians may offer some clues. The typical Indian diet is low in raw vegetables and fruits, with a lifestyle of low and diminished physical activity.

To keep the skin glowing and elastic, physical exertion is a must. Frequent exercise improves blood flow and moves lymph flow through the body, removing toxins. It also helps reduce stress and regulate hormones, preventing acne breakout.

High starch, protein, and cooked vegetables are a staple in Indian diet. Adding leafy green fresh vegetables, fruits, plenty of water, and small portions of fish and chicken to keep the skin glowing and looking fabulous. Avoid processed and refined food with unpronounceable ingredients. Add foods like coconut, walnuts, almonds, avocados, & water rich fruits like melons etc to your diet. These are a vital source of vegetable fat. Healthy fats from plants fight inflammations which lead to acne, and ward off wrinkles. They also feed the layer of skin made up of fat and collagen, preventing sagging and wrinkles.

Stress management is a big factor in skin care. A daily stress relieving routine of yoga, or a hobby plays a big role in lowering stress levels. Light up a  candle, inhale the scent, close your eyes and relax the neck and shoulders. Smile more often. It changes your mood and relieves your stress.

These are a few of the lifestyle changes for beautiful Indian skin. Be sure to check out Part II for a daily regimen of skin conditioning and cleansing.  Click here for more health & beauty tips from Nisha


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