Mar 19

Water For Beauty & Health

Water For Beauty & Health

Water, a natural resource, provides many beauty benefits to your skin and hair.

Rinsing hair with cool water shrinks the cuticle layer of the hair leaving the strand of hair flatter and more reflective of light - giving your hair that shiny, glossier look.

Rinsing hair with cool water after a wash also closes the skin pores and prevents dirt build up on the scalp.

Using soft water to shower causes hair to be less tangled and easier to manage because the soft water leaves fewer salt mineral deposits on the hair than hard water. Soft water also slows down the fading of hair color.

In addition, water is nature's setting solution. Each strand of hair is comprised of hydrogen bonds that separate when the hair is wet. Styling your hair when wet transforms the hydrogen bonds that sets the hair in the new style.

Hydrating from the inside can make skin look more luminous. Drinking water hydrates hair cells, leaving the hair softer and glossy. Skin is an organ that requires hydration. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dry and flaky leaving it prone to wrinkles. Nutritionists suggests drinking eight glasses of water a day to see the benefits of water on your skin. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins in your skin and eliminate dirt from your pores giving your skin a healthier glow. You can also tighten your skin by simply soaking a washcloth in hot water (as hot as you can stand) and then laying it over your face for a few minutes. Next, wash face with a cleanser and splash cold water on your face a few times. Studies have found that this age old trick really does work to open pores and tighten your skin.

So, drink water the next time you need a beauty boost!

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Mar 4

Coconut Oil Benefits

Tips from Nisha...

So many clients ask me for a quick way to keep hair conditioned, in their busy lives, between hot oil, Awapuhu, and Moroccan Oil treatments? My recommendation is to use my special blend of Coconut Oil Conditioner between treatments. It's an effective way to keep your hair shining between deep conditioning makeovers.

For people going up in the East, Coconut oil has been a well-known product, used for years to nourish and maintain the health of your beautiful locks. Generations have used it as a cooking oil, hair conditioner, and skin softening oil. Coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants and is often used as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It is also used to treat rashes, eczema, severe dryness, and acne. Coconut oil has cooling properties, is used in hot and temperate climates as a cooling body, and face moisturizer. It can be used with a pinch of salt to treat dandruff and dry scalp. It seals the hair strand and fights dryness. It has the added benefit to make the hair shaft and fiber stronger, and is often used as a pre-treatment before shampoo. When left to soak for a few hours and shampooed, leaves the hair feeling soft and nourished. It is an awesome frizz buster. Rub a small amount in your hands and work it into the hair to control frizz and keep hair moisturized all day.

Over time, these old Ayurvedic treatments have given way to more recent blends of products. But, there is growing evidence to show that both the old and new treatments, complement and benefit each other. These ancient remedies are part of our heritage. It is where we came from, and the wisdom of our ancestors is not so easily discarded.

At Nisha's, we've created our own blend of aromatic oils to take you back to your childhood, to a simpler time and place. We value the old traditions, and stay rooted to these true and tested old remedies. It's not about sales, not about market share, not about increasing our customer base. It's ABOUT YOU. It's always been ABOUT YOU, from the day we first opened. It's about keeping the comfortable home feel, it's about knowing who you are, from the moment you walk into my salon. It's about greeting you with a smile, like an old friend. It's about knowing who you are, your family, your friends, and making sure you leave with a smile on your face.  Click here for more health and beauty tips from Nisha

Come and experience the Nisha's touch with a hot towel, a head and neck massage, and a friendly smile.

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Feb 11

The Magic of Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Treatment for Healthy & Shining Hair


The Berbers of Morocco have used Moroccan Oil, or Argan Oil as it is also known, for centuries on their face, hair, body, skin and even as a cooking oil. This oil is from the fruit of the Argan tree, which only grows in Morocco. The trees grow for more than 40 years before they start to bear fruit. Hence pure Moroccan Oil is very rare and very expensive.

The benefits of this lightweight, natural oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, offers tremendous benefits.  It is often used to restore hair to natural beauty and shine after buildup of styling products. It is ideal to tame wild and frizzy hair with just a few drops smoothed over the hair. It is an ideal nourishment and reduces split ends by penetrating deep into the hair shaft.

Use of Moroccan Oil daily as a style enhancer protects hair from heat damage and creates a smooth and natural shiny finish. For severely damaged hair, a weekly treatment with pure Moroccan Oil will restore and maintain hair to a healthy and shiny look and feel.

Come experience the Magic of the ancient Berber hair secrets with a Moroccan Hair Massage at Nisha’s.

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Dec 6

Beautiful Indian Skin - Part I

Nisha's Tips for Beautiful Glowing Indian Skin

Natural Health & Beauty Tips


Indian skin comes in many different color tones, from fair to golden brown, to a gorgeous year around tan, making it the envy of people who have to spend hours in a tanning salon to get that bronzed look. Surprisingly enough, Indian skin tones burn way easier than any other skin tones

There could be a number of reasons for this, but a careful look at diet and lifestyle habits of Indians may offer some clues. The typical Indian diet is low in raw vegetables and fruits, with a lifestyle of low and diminished physical activity.

To keep the skin glowing and elastic, physical exertion is a must. Frequent exercise improves blood flow and moves lymph flow through the body, removing toxins. It also helps reduce stress and regulate hormones, preventing acne breakout.

High starch, protein, and cooked vegetables are a staple in Indian diet. Adding leafy green fresh vegetables, fruits, plenty of water, and small portions of fish and chicken to keep the skin glowing and looking fabulous. Avoid processed and refined food with unpronounceable ingredients. Add foods like coconut, walnuts, almonds, avocados, & water rich fruits like melons etc to your diet. These are a vital source of vegetable fat. Healthy fats from plants fight inflammations which lead to acne, and ward off wrinkles. They also feed the layer of skin made up of fat and collagen, preventing sagging and wrinkles.

Stress management is a big factor in skin care. A daily stress relieving routine of yoga, or a hobby plays a big role in lowering stress levels. Light up a  candle, inhale the scent, close your eyes and relax the neck and shoulders. Smile more often. It changes your mood and relieves your stress.

These are a few of the lifestyle changes for beautiful Indian skin. Be sure to check out Part II for a daily regimen of skin conditioning and cleansing.  Click here for more health & beauty tips from Nisha


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Nov 24

Winter Hair Tips

Nisha's Tips for Dry Winter Hair

Frizzy winter hair got you down? Check out Nisha's tips for fabulous hair.

Winter hair in Houston needs the same tender loving care as in summer months. The constant exposure to indoor heating and outdoor cooling ends up with hair losing essential moisturizing oils and becoming dry, frizzy & brittle.

To counter this, frequent & intensive conditioning is highly recommended. Conditioners that specifically target frizz and hydration are preferred. These products are designed to nourish the roots and provides moisture to the hair follicle and strand. Avoid blow drying hair when wet to prevent breakage. Running a brush through your hair with a few drops of Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil or Moroccan Oil before blow drying or after a shower also helps retain moisture to the locks and nourishes and strengthens the hair strand.

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Nov 13

Sun Dried & Damaged Hair?

Sun Dried Or Damaged Hair?

Check out Nisha’s Oil Treatment tips....

There are endless options available when it comes to beautifying hair, but they do come at a price. Hair dryers, rollers, curling and flat irons, all withdraw moisture from the hair and crack cuticles. Chemical processes like bleach, dyes and perms compromise protein in hair strands, which is the very thing that makes hair appear healthy and shiny. The sun’s rays also breaks down protein, being particularly forceful on chemically processed hair.

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Sep 26

Facials For That Flawless Look

Does your skin needs rejuvenating?

Check out Nisha’s guidelines on getting skin rejuvenation and facials.


Facials exfoliate layers of dead skin and stimulate the growth process by regenerating new cell growth. It takes about 27 days for facial skin to regenerate so getting a facial once every two to three months is a great way to help your skin adjust to changing weather.

Different skin types need different methods of cleansing. Skin regenerates faster when you are younger. Oily skin with acne and blackheads, or exposure to the outdoors or sunlight more frequently, may need more frequent exfoliate and nurturing. The experts at Nisha’s Salons can help give tips on more frequent deep skin cleansing techniques specific for your type of skin, allowing your daily skin products to reach deeper layers, leaving you with better results.

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