About Nisha

Growing up, Nisha had ample opportunities to indulge her talents in art and interior decorating. She was often called upon to color coordinate and decorate rooms, pick furniture, accessories, and the like, and was well on her way to be an interior designer with her uncanny ability to listen, visualize, and deliver.

Despite her early successes in interior design, Nisha found her true calling the day a make up artist at a cousin's wedding was taken ill, at the very last minute. Nisha did the makeup and the hair styling, and thence began a new career, and she never looked back. Today, 20 year and thousands of hair styles later, she still approaches every client the same way. She listens, she visualizes, and she creates.

For Nisha, it boils down to one simple concept; It's all about you. It's about how your eyes light up when you see yourself in your new look, it's about the spring in your step when you leave, it's about your hugs, your friendship, and your love.

Come experience Nisha's magic. She has grown so much from that one fateful evening to where she is now. But her core is still the same. She hand selects her beauticians, her esthetcians, her stylists, and grooms them so they share the same values as she does. She picks her beauty products not for cost, but for quality. For Nisha, only the best is good enough for you. Nisha's Salon & Spa. It's all about you. She knows it.